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Not so cute and cuddly?

Interesting article in a Japanese newspaper this week about an urchin fishery in Hokkaido and their local sea otter population.  Sea otters love urchin which makes them unpopular guests in those waters.  Having similar issues here on the central coast of CA, … Continue reading

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Ku-chan watch

  Our faithful readers may recall the Japanese otter Ku-chan who was given special residency status in Hokkaido last spring. Well our Japanese media darling is back in the news. Apparently the otter has found some friends, probably from the … Continue reading

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Dance of the sea otter–a documentary

This is a delightful little documentary about sea otters in Canada. It has lovely footage of otters, the beautiful Canadian coastline, and my favorite line describing the bottom of the sea: “a fantastic bouillabaisse of life”.  The film also asks some hard questions … Continue reading

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Great example of partnerships to save otters

While searching for something otter related on the web, I stumbled upon this Forestry Commission project going on in Manchester in the UK about a collaborative effort to help their local population of otters. The partnership includes the Manchester Airport, … Continue reading

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Japanese otter awarded special residency status

A sea otter in Japan, which has been named “Ku-chan” received special residency status by the city of Kushiro earlier this month. You can read about Ku-chan in the Mainichi Daily News. The otter, who is credited with generating high … Continue reading

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