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What role do sea otters play in combatting Climate Change?

Yes, you read that right. Climate Change. Last week, I read about a new study by two UC Santa Cruz researchers that suggests that sea otters undoubtedly influence the carbon cycle, CO2 storage, by limiting sea urchin populations which allows … Continue reading

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Overfishing, climate change and superhero sea otters

They’re cute, they eat sea urchin, and NOW they can save us against climate change.  Are sea otters the superhero of the marine mammal world, or what? In case you needed another reminder of why sea otters are awesome…they could … Continue reading

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This last week saw a flurry of activity around climate change, thanks to’s October 24th day of action! Some of our local activists in Santa Cruz organized some great activities, and people all over the world got together to … Continue reading

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Acid in the ocean–aay carumba

This story from NPR, Acid in the Oceans, talks about the potential impacts of CO2 on the ocean and how it will affect marine life. Local scientists are doing some great work on this. “It’s too early to say, just yet, … Continue reading

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