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Overfishing, climate change and superhero sea otters

They’re cute, they eat sea urchin, and NOW they can save us against climate change.  Are sea otters the superhero of the marine mammal world, or what? In case you needed another reminder of why sea otters are awesome…they could … Continue reading

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Not so cute and cuddly?

Interesting article in a Japanese newspaper this week about an urchin fishery in Hokkaido and their local sea otter population.  Sea otters love urchin which makes them unpopular guests in those waters.  Having similar issues here on the central coast of CA, … Continue reading

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This last week saw a flurry of activity around climate change, thanks to’s October 24th day of action! Some of our local activists in Santa Cruz organized some great activities, and people all over the world got together to … Continue reading

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Otters or abalones? Waaaaiit a minute…

An effort has been made to frame a debate around the issue of sea otters potentially causing the extinction of the white and black abalone, both listed as endangered on the ESA (sea otters are listed as threatened). It’s an … Continue reading

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Before the fall–the oceans (and otters) without us

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time worrying about the California sea otter population. It might just be one of the hazards of this particular job, but with constant news of chemical contamination, pathogen exposure, … Continue reading

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Killer whales vs. sea otters?

The UK’s Sunday Times recently published this article about potential culling of killer whale populations as a result of their excessive appetite for sea otters. Orcas used to prey more heavily on other species of whales, such as grey whales; … Continue reading

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