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Otters on the move

In the past few months you may have heard or read about rare sea otter sightings off San Diego and Laguna Beach. It has been decades since sea otters were seen off the coast of southern California and we are … Continue reading

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Sea otters where are you?

“I’ve got a groomer,” Michelle calls out. I look over the top of my binoculars to see which direction she’s pointing, and try to focus in the same way. Nothing but kelp, a few cormorants, and the dizzying rolling of … Continue reading

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Otter Walk 2010

  I was at the grocery store the other day, and posted at the register was a big sign with balloons and flowers suggesting I think of the administrative professional in my life on administrative professional day. A wave of … Continue reading

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Sea otter spotted near Channel Islands

  Last week we got a report from staff members at the Channel Islands National Park that a sea otter was spotted between Anacapa Island and Ventura, on the mainland. Of course this is well into the no otter zone. If … Continue reading

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Ku-chan watch

  Our faithful readers may recall the Japanese otter Ku-chan who was given special residency status in Hokkaido last spring. Well our Japanese media darling is back in the news. Apparently the otter has found some friends, probably from the … Continue reading

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Otters take over airport tarmac–next step, the world

Yes, otters have started on the path to world domination, which everyone knows begins with a dramatic, high speed chase out of your carrier onto the airport tarmac. Bemused newscasters from the Columbus news report the story here on Ohio’s … Continue reading

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Sea otter field trip!

Steve, Heather and I spent the morning spotting otters around Monterey Bay. Steve has been involved in the otter world for many many years, and is great at distinguishing the otter heads from the kelp. Heather and I, well, let’s … Continue reading

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