About The Otter Project

Welcome to the official blog of The Otter Project!

The Otter Project exists to promote the rapid recovery of the California sea otter, an indicator of near shore ocean health, by facilitating research and communicating research results to the general public and policy makers.

The Otter Project staff includes Steve, Brad, Heather, and Mark.

This blog will be used to communicate with our members and supporters about sea otter news, our current issues, and other sea otter related happenings, oddities and fun.

For more information about us and the work we do to keep sea otters floatin’, please visit our website at www.otterproject.org.

4 Responses to About The Otter Project

  1. olive says:

    wheres your bibliography!!! im using this website 4 a animal report 4 school, and i need a bib 4 it, so i wont fail!!!! so get 1, and ur website will be complete.

  2. Allison says:

    Thanks Mike! We are always looking for more otter images (you may have noticed some recycled photos if you read this blog frequently…). We will gladly use your images–with full credit of course.

    Thanks again for your offer, and for helping further the cause.


  3. I have a lot of high-quality sea otter photos at http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=sea%20otter&w=72825507%40N00 which can be used with attribution ( http://www.flickr.com/people/mikebaird/#credit ) for otterproject.org

  4. Mia says:

    An Otter story:

    A few years ago, my dad was coming back from one of his fishing trips off the coast of Washington, when he saw something that caught his eye. He was watching some otters floating on their backs when some flashes of light caught his eye. He borrowed the Captain’s binoculars, and began to watch one otter in particular. It seems that this one was crushing his abalone in an entirely new manner. Instead of using a rock, this otter was using a very shiny object, and upon further invetigation, my father realized that the otter was using a flask. Guess he or she wanted a drink with their dinner!
    Otters: Magpies of the Sea.

    Just wanted to share this delightful otter story with you….. It made my day when he told me about what he had just seen.

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