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Fisheries exemptions included in 2013 House National Defense Authorization Act

On May 17th, Rep. Gallegly made a floor statement for his amendment, formerly House Bill HR 4043, to the 2013 House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to establish “Military Readiness Areas” and provide unprecedented protections for all commercial fishery interests … Continue reading

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Overfishing, climate change and superhero sea otters

They’re cute, they eat sea urchin, and NOW they can save us against climate change.  Are sea otters the superhero of the marine mammal world, or what? In case you needed another reminder of why sea otters are awesome…they could … Continue reading

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The no otter zone gets national attention

If you haven’t seen it already, the no otter zone got wide popular attention in the news this weekend. Although I cringed when I read the title “Hungry sea otters move into fishermen’s territory“, I found the rest of the … Continue reading

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Sea otter spotted near Channel Islands

  Last week we got a report from staff members at the Channel Islands National Park that a sea otter was spotted between Anacapa Island and Ventura, on the mainland. Of course this is well into the no otter zone. If … Continue reading

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Sea otter strandings–up or down?

Every month we get an update of how many otters were found dead on beaches throughout the range. Sea otter strandings are one of several indices of how well the population is doing. It’s hard to tell from any one … Continue reading

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The Otter Project & EDC sue the USFWS

This week The Otter Project and the Environmental Defense Center in Santa Barbara filed a lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service for their failure to protect sea otters. In spite of 16 years of saying that the no … Continue reading

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Home sweet home for sea otters

Often, when reading blogs and researching photos, I find that folks are a little confused about sea otters and where they live.  So I thought I would try to set the record straight about the locales of our beloved salt … Continue reading

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