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About The Otter Project

The Otter Project exists to promote the rapid recovery of the California sea otter, an indicator of near shore ocean health, by facilitating research and communicating research results to the general public and policy makers.

Sea Otter Pup Euthanized — Let us know what you think

The news that a sea otter pup was euthanized by sea otter rescuers from Monterey Bay Aquarium touched many people.  This is the sad reality of the decisions wildlife care professionals must wrestle with all the time.  It is a … Continue reading

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Why Sea Otters Hate Salad

People often look towards the ocean and ask, “What’s wrong, why are otters dying?”  The answer will not be found by looking seaward, but by turning towards land and asking the same question, “What’s wrong?” Scientists have learned that otters … Continue reading

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Taking a stand for the otters you love!!!

So this morning, I was delighted when I opened up my email to find an article about Dr. Terrie Williams studying the heartrate of marine animals up in Santa Cruz to determine how they are affected by our actions.   I … Continue reading

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Volunteering with The Otter Project

Calling all Otter-lovers! If you’re news years resolution was to save the ocean, or if you want to make sea otters your valentine all year long in 2011…COME VOLUNTEER WITH THE OTTER PROJECT!!! Information on volunteering with us is now … Continue reading

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HR 261: Ban Offshore Oil

Although oil is highly toxic and dangerous to all living creatures, our favorite furry friends are exceptionally susceptible to oil’s negative impacts. Sea otters rely on their dense fur to keep them warm in the water and, when oiled, they … Continue reading

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Who:      THE OTTER PROJECT What:     OPEN HOUSE Where:  THE OFFICE (475 WASHINGTON ST. STE A, MONTEREY, CA 93940) When:    TUESDAY, MARCH 1ST….3-8PM Why:      BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE OTTERS!!! WE TALK OTTER Come on by The Otter Project to meet our … Continue reading

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MPA Watch Volunteers Needed

As part of our effort to protect sea otter HABITAT, The Otter Project has been heavily involved with the formation of Marine Protected Areas (underwater parks) along California’s central coast. In order to foster compliance with the regulations of these … Continue reading

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Should Native Cultures Hunt Sea Otters??

A tribe on Victoria Island Canada has requested permission to hunt one-percent of the local sea otter population per year.  Biologists have weighed in saying that should not jeopadize the population.  See article in this Canadian paper.  

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