MPA Watch Volunteers Needed

As part of our effort to protect sea otter HABITAT, The Otter Project has been heavily involved with the formation of Marine Protected Areas (underwater parks) along California’s central coast. In order to foster compliance with the regulations of these marine protected areas (MPA’s), The Otter Project will be training a network of volunteers to monitor resource use in and around MPAs, from Cambria to Año Nuevo.  Volunteers will be trained to identify ocean activities and collect data on resource use.


Volunteers must be able to spend at least one hour outdoors in unpredictable central coast weather.  Some monitoring sites require moderate hiking.

Volunteers will be asked to use basic field technology (binoculars, GPS, digital cameras) and web tools (NING) to share materials and information.  No previous experience required but willingness to learn is advisable.

Volunteers are asked to continually help improve and shape monitoring protocols and troubleshoot problems in the field.


*Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 2 hrs/week in the field and a one-hour meeting every 4-6 weeks for a period of at least 6 months.

*Volunteers must attend 4 hour training (includes both “classroom” time and field time).

*Once trained, volunteer monitoring times are flexible but must be coordinated with a partner.


In the Santa Cruz region, we are in need of volunteers to help monitor Ano Nuevo, Natural Bridges and Elkhorn Slough areas.

In the Monterey Region, we are in need of volunteers to help monitor areas ranging from the Peninsula down to Big Creek.

In the Cambria Region, we are need of volunteers to help monitor Piedras Blancas, Cambria SMP, and White Rock (Cambria).

Trainings begin in March!

For more information, please email

To sign up, please visit:

About The Otter Project

The Otter Project exists to promote the rapid recovery of the California sea otter, an indicator of near shore ocean health, by facilitating research and communicating research results to the general public and policy makers.
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