2013 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Winners

The California Coastal commission recently posted the winners of their annual Coastal Art & Poetry Contest. We post a lot of serious issues here on the blog and sometimes the perspective of a child says a lot more than a conservationist, scientist or politician can convey on a subject.

It is amazing to think that this pelican drawing was done by a first grade student!


Chloe S. Park 1st grade, Encino CA

One of the winning entries was a poem from Isaac Goldstein, an 8th Grade student from Ventura CA, talking about our California sea otters and the removal of the “No-Otter” Zone.

The Otter 

Once upon a sunlit ocean,
Otters and kelp swayed in motion,
Over herring, rockfish, and much more,
All along California’s shore.

But otters were stalked where they dwelt.
Hunted for their lustrous pelt.
Then told to move to San Nicolas.
Giving otters directions is ridiculous.

But now otters have protection.
Even after Point Conception,
No longer is there a “no otter zone,”
Keeping them from their historic home.

When otters were gone, sea urchins would thrive,
Which kept the kelp from staying alive.
Urchins eat the kelp ocean lawn,
When roots are eaten, the kelp is gone.

Herring and rockfish lost habitat,
They lost their nurseries just like that.
With otters’ return, sea urchins will fade,
Letting spawning fish be unafraid.

Otters can now roam an 840 mile coast.
Otter skins no longer can hunters boast.
Otter relocation will no longer stand.
No longer from waters are otters banned.

Isaac Goldstein
8th grade, Ventura

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2 Responses to 2013 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Winners

  1. Barbara Wertz says:

    Amazing art – both the drawing and the poetry! Kudos to the winning students and to the Sea Otter Scoop for publishing it!

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