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Summing up your thoughts on sea otter fur in traditional crafts

Thanks to those who took the time to comment on our inquiry as to how you felt about the inclusion of handicrafts with sea otter fur by native peoples in our upcoming art show. The comments were thoughtful, and it … Continue reading

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Sea otter pelts in traditional handicrafts–what do you think?

  As you may have heard, we’re putting together a sea otter themed art exhibition in honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week, The Otter Zone. I’ve been calling far and wide for sea otter themed or inspired art, and have … Continue reading

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The otter hunt controversy

There’s been a flurry of article responses to the news about the Canadian First Nation’ upcoming otter hunt. This article from the Canada daily news asks where the protests are–bringing up some interesting questions about animal rights vs. conservation–a relationship … Continue reading

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