H.R. 4043 – The bill that could destroy southern sea otter recovery efforts.

Give sea otters a voice in Washington - stop H.R.4043April 19th 2012 marks a critical day for southern sea otter recovery efforts and the future health of California’s marine ecosystem. It is a day where we reach a fork in the road and we need your help in continuing down the right path.

Stealth bill H.R.4043, or as we like to call it S.O.S (Sacrifice Otters for Shellfish), will be discussed by members of the House Natural Resources committee.

If successful, H.R. 4043 will create more bureaucratic red tape, pander to a small but vocal minority within the fishing community and essentially trade the future of California sea otter recovery for sushi topping.

In short, fishing industry lobbyists have been successful in adding their interests to a military readiness bill that protects their profit margins and allows for the failed “No-Otter” Zone policy to continue.

Over 22 million people live in Southern California. Do we really want the future health of 300 miles of California coastline to be exploited by a group of less than a few hundred people who are interested solely in short term profits?

It is crucial that we tell our elected representatives that the health of sea otters and the health of the California coastline is not for sale.

Sea otters must be allowed to continue their natural range expansion south of Point Conception without interference.

The good news is that with only 5 minutes of your time – you can lend your voice to this important cause. Simply visit freetheotters.org and complete the Popvox web form on the front page before 4/19/12 to ensure that sea otters have a voice in Washington.

Want to help sea otter recovery efforts even further? Visit http://www.otterproject.org/ to register your tax deductible donation.

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