30 Days to help sea otters – please consider giving

A note from our Founder and Executive Director:

For over a decade, The Otter Project has been at the forefront of otter recovery efforts through our water quality, oil and habitat programs. None of our achievements would have been possible without the generous support of our members and people like you.

During the last 13 years we have achieved remarkable things.  We have been able to:

– Spearhead the introduction of Marine Protected Areas in California;

– Hold government agencies accountable for regulating commercial activities that effect water quality;

– Raise awareness of the importance of sea otters to the health of California’s near shore environment;

– Help increase Californian sea otter population numbers over the course of a decade;

and continue to:

– Work to bring and end to the “No-Otter” Zone in southern California;

– Address threats to otters such as oil spills from offshore drilling or vessel traffic and pollution from land based activites.

In 2012 achieving our goals won’t be any easier. Resources are scarce and sea otter numbers have significantly decreased according to the most recent surveys. Industry along the California coast continues to pollute the water ways and opposition to the natural range expansion of otters from commercial fishing interests has become increasingly vocal.

It is through the continued support of people such as yourself that The Otter Project can meet the ongoing challenges of sea otter recovery through effective advocacy and volunteer programs. Your generous donation will ensure that sea otters have a voice in California and continue to hold commercial and government organizations accountable for their actions.


This year we are part of the Monterey County Gives program. All funds raised for The Otter Project are a matched donation – which means your contributions will go even further!

Please note that you must submit donations via check or credit card before the 30th of December.

Online donations:

To pay with a credit card, visit the following link, scroll to the bottom left (we are under Environment and Sustainability), then complete the online form.   https://www.montereycountygives.com/Donate.aspx

Donations via mail:

  • Print out the donation form for Monterey County Gives here: https://www.montereycountygives.com/Files/donation-form-web.pdf
  • Complete the form making sure to check option 78 – The Otter Project
  • Make out a check to Monterey County Weekly Community Fund
  • Mail the completed form and check to: Monterey County Weekly Community Fund, 668 Williams Ave. Seaside, CA 93955

Thank you for supporting the recovery of California sea otters!

Steve Shimek, Founder and Executive Director

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