Monterey Bay Oil Spill Volunteer Response Workshop

On November 4th, The Otter Project coordinated an Oil Spill Volunteer Response Workshop in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Game Office of Spill Prevention and Response and with participation of the U. S. Coast Guard Sector San Francisco.

The workshop aimed to convene federal, state, and local agencies and organizations that are an official respondent organization, have a stake in oil spill response due to their investment and involvement in the health of the coastal ocean, and organizations that are likely to be contacted by the public during an oil spill event. The primary goal of the workshop was to increase understanding of the non-wildlife and wildlife volunteer plans and how local organizations in the Monterey Bay Area fit into the overall picture of oil spill response before, during, and after an event. A secondary goal was to seek input on what the needs are to improve local capacity in the Monterey Bay Area.

The workshop had 27 attendees and the overarching themes for the day long workshop focused on increased awareness, communication, participation, and integration of local organizations into oil spill event preparedness and response.

For more information about this workshop and the next steps, click on the link:

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