It probably sounds exciting to save sea otters for a living–and it can be. But let’s be honest. Most days are spent at my desk. It’s one of the hazards of being a policy wonk–even if you’re a policy wonk that specializes in sea otters.

Even policy wonks love a good field day though. Today was one of those days when I remember what it’s all about. From one  thousand feet above it.

Nice thick kelp forest just North of Cambria

With support from Lighthawk, an organization that provides really cool and helpful volunteer pilots to fly environmentalists around looking at things they couldn’t see otherwise, we did our first aerial survey of the coast today for our new program MPA Watch.

It was fantastic.

You can read about the details of the program on our website. I’ll let the pictures say the rest.

About Allison

I am the new Executive Director of The Otter Project in Monterey, California! Originally from the Bay Area, I went to school in San Diego, and came back north to Monterey for graduate school, where I found my calling: saving sea otters! Working for The Otter Project combines my passion for environmental policy with my love of animals. When not advocating for sea otters, I enjoy yoga, volunteer wildlife rehab, reading, and spending time with my cat Alyssa, who, for the record, I did not name. I have been with The Otter Project since November of 2007.
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