Otters take over airport tarmac–next step, the world

photo courtesy of Matt Knoth via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, otters have started on the path to world domination, which everyone knows begins with a dramatic, high speed chase out of your carrier onto the airport tarmac.

Bemused newscasters from the Columbus news report the story here on Ohio’s 10TV news.

The flight from Houston to Columbus was delayed an hour when otters got loose during unloading of cargo. Bemused passengers apparently watched from the plane as airport personnel chased them across the tarmac.

The story reports that they were sea otters, but we don’t have any further information about where they were going, and what they were doing in Houston in the first place.

Although passengers may have been surprised, those of us who know otters weren’t. In response to the report that officials “don’t know how they got out of the cage” Friend and board member of The Otter Project Carolyn says, “Oh pluh-leeze – leave a bored otter in a cage for a couple of hours, what do you expect?  They were probably busy trying on clothes from other passengers’ suitcases!” 

Not too far from the truth, according to one man, who found his bag open and covered in what appeared to be hay. “Some otters got into them,” he said, in a bemused tone.  “They must have smelled the coffee.”

Caffeinated otters too? Now we’re REALLY in trouble.


About Allison

I am the new Executive Director of The Otter Project in Monterey, California! Originally from the Bay Area, I went to school in San Diego, and came back north to Monterey for graduate school, where I found my calling: saving sea otters! Working for The Otter Project combines my passion for environmental policy with my love of animals. When not advocating for sea otters, I enjoy yoga, volunteer wildlife rehab, reading, and spending time with my cat Alyssa, who, for the record, I did not name. I have been with The Otter Project since November of 2007.
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One Response to Otters take over airport tarmac–next step, the world

  1. Yosele says:

    I am so glad that Sea Otters are one step closer to world domination, the world would be run better by our furry friends.

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