The Otter Zone is coming up!


Sorry for the definite lack of posts this last week–as you can guess we are very busy preparing for The Otter Zone art event, as well as actually keeping our other programs running and of course working to keep those sea otters protected!

Yesterday was the drop-off for artwork at the Museum, and it looks GREAT! I’ve been frantically trying to get everything together for weeks, so to see the artists drive up with their work, all calm and collected, and drop off their art like it was no big deal was, for us, a big deal! Our artist friend Robin Robinson (who’s work will be featured at the show) came along with me to help arrange pieces with an artistic eye. This involved a lot of “should this go there?” “no, move it over one” “no, put it back,” “ummm, to the left” and then leaning back with arms crossed to eye our work critically. As I looked over a series of beautiful photographs from underwater photographer Marc Shargel, wondering how we could best arrange them, he said, “I know that look–of arranging in your head. You’re going to be doing a lot of that…” He couldn’t have been more right. In addition to Robin and Marc, we also have art by illustrator Amy Ericksen, Mike Dutton,who’s peice we’ve featured in this blog before, Sebastian Kennerknecht, Jason Bradley, and many many more talented artists.

But it’s all coming together smoothly, I am more excited than ever, and I hope you can all make it to see our phenomenal sea otter art show. Remember, the reception is this Friday at 7 o’clock! Of course you can come and see the show any time after Friday until October 24th, but there won’t be wine or cheese or The Otter Project staff on any of those other nights, so please do come out and enjoy!

Look for Sebastian's iconic otter right at the center when you arrive!

Look for Sebastian's iconic otter right at the center when you arrive!

About Allison

I am the new Executive Director of The Otter Project in Monterey, California! Originally from the Bay Area, I went to school in San Diego, and came back north to Monterey for graduate school, where I found my calling: saving sea otters! Working for The Otter Project combines my passion for environmental policy with my love of animals. When not advocating for sea otters, I enjoy yoga, volunteer wildlife rehab, reading, and spending time with my cat Alyssa, who, for the record, I did not name. I have been with The Otter Project since November of 2007.
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3 Responses to The Otter Zone is coming up!

  1. Barbara Wertz says:

    I am sure the snake appreciated you! I once stopped traffic outside of my daughter’s very busy elementary school herd a baby gray squirrel out of the middle of the road. It’s mom was frantically calling for it off of the side of the road, but it panicked and kept running in the middle of the road. I am sure I irritated some, but I still smile thinking how the baby and it’s mama were reunited! Yay for the snake and yay for those of you who helped rescue it during your very busy time!

  2. Robin says:

    Allison forgot to mention that when leaving the museum, we spotted a snake getting ready to cross the street! A Museum escapee? We frantically gathered pieces of cardboard to steer the critter back to the lush museum grounds. About five minutes of this, and finally the snake was elevated back up from the street and onto the lawn where he rested, probably exhausted by our efforts…The snake looked like some type of Garter snake to me…Robin

    • Allison says:

      Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about our snake rescue in all the event prep…who knew herding snakes was such an ordeal? And we gave the people in the parked car across the street quite a show.

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