warm and fuzzy all over….

Holy moly- aren’t they adorable.  What a good mom! Do you suppose they get hairballs?

Healthy moms equal healthy babies. Often times we loose female otters due to contaminants in our waters.  This is why water quality and stewardship of our coastal waters is so important.  So, the next time you see those signs on stormdrains in your town that say- “No Dumping- leads to bay”…. think of these cutie pies.  When you wash your car in your driveway and the oils, soaps etc run down your driveway and into the stormdrain… think of these cuties.  When you are applying weed killer or pesticides to your driveway or yard- then it rains, and all of it flows into the stormdrain…..
you get the picture.

We can all make small changes that will help ensure that southern sea otters are around for a while…please.

Video by Jason Watts

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