Killer whales vs. sea otters?

The UK’s Sunday Times recently published this article about potential culling of killer whale populations as a result of their excessive appetite for sea otters.

Photo credit: Flickr user "auntie rain" under creative commons attribution--non commercial share alike

Photo credit: Flickr user "auntie rain"

Orcas used to prey more heavily on other species of whales, such as grey whales; however these have been thinned out considerably by human hunting. Orcas are increasingly feasting on otters, seals and smaller marine mammals, which is having negative effects on population levels.

Pitting species against each other brings up some difficult moral questions. Is it acceptable to kill orcas to save sea otters? Would it be effective? What do you think?

About Allison

I am the new Executive Director of The Otter Project in Monterey, California! Originally from the Bay Area, I went to school in San Diego, and came back north to Monterey for graduate school, where I found my calling: saving sea otters! Working for The Otter Project combines my passion for environmental policy with my love of animals. When not advocating for sea otters, I enjoy yoga, volunteer wildlife rehab, reading, and spending time with my cat Alyssa, who, for the record, I did not name. I have been with The Otter Project since November of 2007.
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3 Responses to Killer whales vs. sea otters?

  1. Alexa Eddy says:

    poor killer whales would not have to be feeding on otters if mankind had not yet screwed up again by killing the orcas prey! Orca whales are amazing and I can not wait to see them!

  2. Natashia Yurkiw says:

    what a stupid question. no!! leave the god damn whales alone!!! IGNORANT

  3. JanePeterson says:

    Killer Whales are amazing creatures..just had to share this beautiful pic:

    gotta love killer whales…hope to see some real ones soon..

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